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Atashinchi no Danshi scene summaries +caps

It's the first time I'm doing something like this..It was requested by dear Caro and I couldn't turn her down, so I thought "Why not?"..:D

The story starts with Shinzo Okura asking Chisato to form a view on his invention.
The man isn’t pleased with Chisato reply, but then tells her to start the camera to tell the people about the invention. She tells him that the camera is already running..
[Drama Start]

The gardener wakes up Chisato, who gets pissed because he called her by her real name.

Some scary looking guys appear and Chisato is scared that they are Yakuzas who are looking for her to pay her Dad’s debt (100 million Yen) . When asked what she would do when she has found her father, Chisato replies that she would beat him up. And she clarifies that she doesn’t need a family because she has always been alone...

[Net Café]

Chisato enters the net café to take a shower(after she got new clothes from the gardener's daughter). The owner Yutaka (Tsuruno Takeshi) knows her since senior high school and is also aware of her situation (and has a crush on her^^) , so he let her use the shower.
That's the owner ♥ :D

While she was taking a shower the Yakuzas appear, find her and she runs away. When the employee asks what’s going on, Yutaka replies that she’s the heroine of a tragedy. She has been escaping from the repossessors since her childhood.

They chase her all the way to a scaffold. Her stomach hurts because of the rotten rice she had eaten before. She soon is cornered..

But then Shinzo appears in a helicopter. Picking up the 100Yen coin, which was actually the reason why Chisato climbed up the scaffold (he claims). By the way on his visit card it's written that his name is Shinzo Okura who invents toys to create miracles.

He pays the 100 million Yen to free Chisato and takes her to the helicopter.

In the helicopter Chisato becomes suspicious, asking him what he’s real intention. After signing something like a "written oath"/covenant that she will pay back the 100 million Yen, it turns out that she has signed a "certificate of marriage"!:D

While playing table football, Chisato complains about being married to a man like him. He calls it a "miracle" and that she stole his heart the moment he saw her from he helicopter. He doesn’t expect her to love him, but to stay by his side. "I can do this without being married to you" Chisato says. But he wants a wife who looks after him because he has only one more month to live. [The weird woman fortune telling machine told him so..]
At the end Chisato is left with two decision; either being his wife for one month or to pay him back the 100 million Yen right now. She agrees to marry him…:D

Next scene. Each son makes an appearance. They all see a zeppelin, but only read out one part of a long number.

Chisato is in the zeppelin, throwing away seeds [not the ashes of Shinzo Ohkura who died!’ll see later on]

She meets with the company director who drives her to the "trick heart show(?)" castle. He tells her that the master lived under some extraordinary circumstances and that the 6 sons aren’t related by blood etc.

Chisato meets the lawyer; who reveals what’s also written on the long paper Chisato has signed.

After the one month she has been a wife, she has to be the mother of Shinzo's sons for another 3 months! If she refuses, then she has to pay back the 100 million yen right now. After Chisato asks if this isn’t betrayel, the lawyer replies that each son has a weird feature, but that they’re all ikemen!:D Chisato reaction: "That’s not the point!". But then she agrees...

Sauna scene.:D

Seems like the sons don’t really like the father, because they call him bastard!^^° And they don’t think of each other as brothers.The butler introduces her as their mother, and as soon as Masaru sees her, he feels sick..[woman complex].
Chisato is annoyed and compares the brothers with a zoo..:D

Chisato who left the sauna, gets a phone call from the Net Café owner that he has found her dad, who seems to be a part-timer in Roppongi.

While Chisato rushes to Roppongi, the sauna scene continues. The numbers written on the zeppelin were actually a message for the brothers, saying to meet up in the sauna at 1pm to talk about the heritage. But seems like Okura Fuu didn’t get the message or didn't appear due to other reasons...

About the heritage: It’s not money (as Okura Sho hoped for), but toys and inventions by Shinzo Okura..:D The butler reads out a message from the master; the brothers get pissed and the butler gets angry because they are being so ungrateful even though the master accepted all of them.[Although he has never showed love, he gave them a living etc.]
Then they talk what will happen with Chisato. Saying she’s also part of the heritage, and that she even might try to chase away the brothers. And they (except Osamu) make a plan to chase her away instead.

Chisato comes back after she failed finding her Dad; at the same moment Okura Sho leaves the house. He helps her with the password and asks her if she hasn’t run away. She replies that living here makes her free from the debt.

The lawyer interrupts and later on [after Osamu kinda seduced her to come to his new host club and to tell her more about the real meaning of the master’s heritage], she tells Chisato that she has to be a REAL mother and not just live there.

That’s why the master made a guidebook where everything is written down about the sons. If she won’t be accepted as the sons' mother, then she has to pay back the 100 million Yen.

Sitting on a magic chair, she lands in a gym.

Takeru, Masaru and Akira are in there to challenge her to a basketball game. If she loses, then she has to leave the castle. If she won’t play then they’ll never accept her as their mother. Chisato tells them it’s unfair (3 against 1, but Takeru thinks because of the uniform..XD).

Inoue-san appears from the picture and joins Chisato (and should actually help her loosing, but instead she helps her winning).
When Chisato thinks it’s over, Takeru tells her that there are more brothers..which means more competition.

Next competition: bring Satoru out of his room within 10 minutes.(he's a Hikokomori ->never leaves his room.)
First attempt fails, the door is protected.

She sees Satoru eating ramen from a restaurant called "Demae", and immediately rushes over there. She asks the cook how to open the door, because somehow the ramen has to got in there ne? But he didn’t tell her.
Back in front of the room she tries again. Asking him why he has been in the room for one year, if he had problems with the brothers and suggested to take part in a consultation. Because he was a former magician she also thinks that the door may open with magic. But then Satoru yells at her, telling her it has nothing to do with her and that she should just shut up.

Because she didn’t succeed, she gets a punishment..which happens when she opens a door written "Exit" on it and water&flour comes crashing down.
The three brothers tell her they don’t need someone like her, that she’s a nuisance and that they don’t need a family [Just as Chisato said in the beginning of the drama]. Instead of being chasen away by the brothers, she leaves by herself.

The company director and Chisato are viewing a film of Shinzo Okura, introducing his invention of a cold sleep in a fridge (if you use this you can freeze yourself and kinda sleep as long as you want and wake up when you want..:D).
Chisato tells the company director that she's going to leave and pay back the money bit by bit.

Chisato's friends are discussing how to earn money for Chisato so she can pay the 100 Million yen back.

Osamu enters the café. He heard of her confrontation with Satoru and Osamu tells Chisato that Satoru was being bashed for something he hasn’t done, that’s why he became a hikokomori. Actually all of the sons lost faith in trusting someone and started to live in their own world. Osamu tells her that because he counts on her.

Chisato sees her father and chases after him!

He thought that she was able to pay back the money that’s why he came back. When Chisato asks him why he disappeared, leaving her sick mother alone he replies that he doesn’t want to be a burden for them. But Chisato wants to know the real reason and he tells her that he doesn’t want to have a family; that after all everyone if alone. Family is just a mask, struktur.

He jumps off the bridge, trying to commit suicide in order to see his dead wife in heaven, but then actually escapes in a truck.

Meanwhile the three brothers reflect if they didn't overdo it. Takeru tells them not to think too much about it and the old situation/order is back again.

Chisato is angry over her father, yelling at the innocent gardener. Why does this happen to her, because it was her father who made a debt of 100 million yen. She’s been escaping for two years already etc. and that she’s completely innocent..!

Chisato is alone since her mother died 10 years ago (and her Dad disappeared), and the gardener thought she would become a lonely person who doesn’t want to have any connection/relationship with other people anymore, but he was wrong; because she’s still able to get angry over someone. "Is this due to someone? Ohkura Shinzo?" he asks. Actually Shinzo-san came to the gardener's house before he died and that he praised Chisato’s daikon (white radish) miso-soup.

Chisato thinks back..

Shinzo Okura introduces another invention. Seems like you can control aircons,TV and much more just with this remote control without being in the same room. In the morning when the family eats breakfast, the children would change the TV channel, adjust the aircon etc, that’s why this invention would have been useful. Shinzo-san regrets that he hasn’t done enough for his sons and couldn’t show them what a family is..
Last conversation between Chisato and Shinzo:
"If I would be able to invent magic ‘get happy’-seeds, could you spread them over my sons? Could you grow them?."
"Sure, if you’re able to invent it, ne? But before that, your body has to become healthy again."
"Chisato, thank you for being by my side."

Chisato wonders if the seeds she has thrown out from the zeppelin are the magic seeds Shinzo-san has talked about..
She admits, that the sons are in the same situation as she is.

Chisato returns to the castle, taking out Shinzo-san’s invention from the fridge. After that she tries to get Satoru out of his room again. Of course the three brothers are present as well.
Satoru gets pissed because Chisato acts like she knows everything about him. Then the cold sleep invention does his job and freezes Satoru’s room (at least Chisato tells everyone it’s the cold sleep invention and that you could even die if you stay in the room too long). During this progress she tells him about how similar her life is to his (and the other sons). Finally he comes out of his room. So the sons have to keep the promise, which is to eat together.

To Satoru she reveals that she hasn’t used the cold sleeper, but the invention of Shinzo-san to control the aircon also from outside a room.

In the end she ends up eating alone.

Okura Sho appears, telling her that he will only come back to the castle if she’s willing to give him her heritage. (seems like Osamu was able to seduce the lawyer to find out what it is..:D)

gardener: It has started...

I won't to this again for further episodes..I think...this was just an introduction!:D
I liked the first episode!<33 Will definitely continue watching it! And the next week's episode seems to be about Okura Masaru (Yamamoto Yusuke), can't wait to see more of his woman complex!XD

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