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Ikuta Toma + Horikita Maki radiotalk part 2!^--^V

yey! here comes the talk of the next day! [see my previous entry...^^]

I did a translation of the second talk…! But this talk was really difficult! So I needed help from my Mom! But becoz my mom is baka XD[that’s why I’m baka too btw…^^] she didn’t understand everything! She said that’s the new Japanese..teen language…so gomen…I couldn’t translate everything..but 95% of it…haha…=)
This time I tried to translate the whole talk…not to summary a part as I did in the first one..><


credit: dacypher21

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Maki: How can I be kakkoi (cool), also from the view of a boy?
Toma: Open the door with your feet! (XDD)
Maki: good evening everyone! It’s Horikita Maki and it’s my 3rd consecutively time as the “talk master” on girls locks. Aaaand…
Toma: it’s Ikuta Toma, hello!
Maki: continued from yesterday Ikuta Toma is guest on girls locks again!
Toma: yes…
Maki: so the question I asked at first was from Gunmaken..Yuujinkun, 16 years old boy. Becoz there were a lot of mails I’ve just picked one question…(I dunno if this is mom didn’t know that..but well..something like thatXD)…what did you say?! Open the door..
Toma: hmm..what what?
Maki: Open the door with your feet?
Toma: ye in a wild way…
Maki: it’s a SERIOUS question of a 16 years old boy you know? He really wants to hear an answer from Ikutakun…..and I’ve never seen someone open the door with his/her feet!
Toma: hahaha...I mean to be wild all the time..for example..if you buy bread from a “combini”(24hours shops..), then you didn’t eat it bit by bit/piecemeal…just eat it all at once! Also with onigir (“riceball”^^°) it all at once! “Don’t eat it bit by bit idiot!”..something like that you know? you have to have a wild side in you…that’s what I mean…
Maki: ahh..that’s why you said the example…?
Toma: …open the door with your feet…ye, exactly!
Maki: ahh…I wonder if Yuujinkun is satisfied with your answer…
Toma: hahaha…if you do that at school and the teacher gets mad at you…just tell him/her it’s my fault oke? (he says that to the listeners…^^) …but basically don’t do it ne? I’m quite sure that the teachers will get mad..
Maki: aww..that’s not good!
Toma: only do it at home!
Maki: if you mean so….^^ anyway..~ so continued for yesterday it’s ur 2nd time here..are you already used to the atmosphere?
Toma: ye sure, thanks to you, I’m having fun of course (kyaa..~)
Maki: hehe…eh between , I’m the head of the girls school locks library..and that’s why my next question is: do you read books`?
Toma: no…I ONLY read mangas! XDD
Maki: only mangas? What about books?!
Toma: ..rarely ..I don’t read books very often! I have problems with all the kazushi (hmm..think this means all the characters…><)
Maki: ehh? But mangas also have kazushi (characters)
Toma: BUT they have drawings, pictures!
Toma: for me it’s hard to imagine the things only by reading characters, you know?
Maki: you go again..~ but in the script..there aren’t any picture either! (u still have to imagine…)
Toma: but that’s another thing…
Maki: it’s different?
Toma: ye..
Maki: because it’s something like a conversation?
Toma: yes.that’s a reason too..~ you have to do it by your own.. the words etc..( I think he means how to play a to react..etc..)
Maki: ah..interesting!
Toma: I read a lot of mangas!
Maki: ah I see….in this library there also a few books for those who don’t read books very often…¨
Toma: ye I know..that’s why I’m really glad.
Maki: although it seems that people aren’t reading book very often.. they do read…I’ve got a lot of recommendations… that’s why..Ikutakun ne..~
Toma: ye I really don’t read book…
Maki: you should read please!
Toma: ye then please recommend me some books! Then I will read….
Maki: mhh..~ oke then you should check the books in the shelf sometime.. …..and there is a very popular book right calls “ message of your dreams...their meaning for the future” (or something like this ne?XD)
This book analyzes the situation, the things in your dream with the help of a keyword! What’s the meaning of the will bring out unconsciously’s a amazing book! That’s why I want to analyze your dream with the help pf this book!^^
Toma: oh! Then you will really find out..~
Maki: mh..! but this book really is great…it’s often the case/correct you know? You will feel dokidoki! Hehe…
Toma: haha…oke I got it. The start analyzing!
Maki: yes, then tell me what you recently dreamed about!
Toma: recently ..I think it’s because of the drama..but I dream about multiplicate Makichan and Shunkun ( you say that? A lot of maki and shun..whole dream is full of maki and shun..:) and you both get mad at me all the time! I often dream about it! I don’t know why though…you accuse me of doing something..and I apologize all the time…sorry sorry..
Maki: we both? (maki and shun)
Toma: ye both!
Maki: we are “abusing” you?
Toma: yee…
Toma: for example you count me out…it’s a negative dream!
Maki: mhh..~ but during the “drama time”/filming we have a lot of fun ne? (yaay! So cute!XD)
Toma: ye that’s true…filming is fun.. but when I get home I feel kinda lonely I think..dunno..
Maki: eh…then your keyword would be “get abused/insult/revile” (dunno which word…^^°° *baka*)
Toma: yes…
Maki: then I will present the result..
Toma: ye tell me!
Maki: hehe…ehh..~ if someone in your dream is being mad at you then the reason for it is, that in reality they are dissatisfied with you!
Toma: uwahh..~ this hurts!
Maki: hahah…so as I said’s often the case u know!
Toma: this hurts..
Maki: (not sure about this though) this means that the person who is mad at you doesn’t show that’s why they appear in your dream and show their true feelings!...but this means that both are unhappy? (toma and shun/maki)
Toma: hmm..ah so…I actually thought we really get along together..~ (me too!^^)
Maki: yee..but it seems that there are still some things.. in tomakun’s case…let me say something I’m dissatisfied with…
Toma: oh, ye please tell me!
Maki: …YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN! (your explanations are the worst…something like that!XDD)
Toma: hahahahahaha….but that’s true! I always say “it’s like’s like that…I mean it like this..” actually I explain but…
Maki: I don’t get it at all!
Toma: ye it seems that the people don’t get what I want to say …that’s why there is always a discussion about it..and then suddenly the director says : “it’s time now ! stand by!”
Maki: that’s right ye…
Toma: and the whole things ends gusugusu (means something like not finished..confused)
Maki: maybe that’s why you get this kind of dreams..~
Toma: ye could be..~
Maki: but.. do you have something you are you dissatisfied with me?
Toma: dissatisfied?mhh…no…not much..but..
Maki: but?! Hehe…
Toma: but..I don’t get why you fold the 2 “aburatori” … ( I have no idea how you call use it to remove the fat/oil on ur face..aww…to remove the make-up.. how you call that..gomen..know what I mean?^^°)
Maki: hahaha…ye but one isn’t enough or not?
Toma: ye but when It comes to the make up…the foundation thing(to remove) too…
Maki: ye but one is enough for this! Everyone is using one! Only Tomakun is using 2! ( they are cute!^^)
Toma: ye but I want to remove all the oil/fat from my face u know…
Maki: no it’s not….*whisper something*..(was it kabuki? My mom said it’s an…^^° I’m not sure..but I really don’t get this gomeeen…><)
Toma: hahahaha!! Ah, now I know something I’m dissatisfied with…maki often “essuke o dasu” (oke..again..please someone help me with this! It has to do with the word maki!^^)
Maki: hehehe…
Toma: that’s why all this appears in my dreams and all the “get mad at me…” (has to do with the blabla above..^^°)
Maki: hahaha…shall I say it again? (the insider..^^)
Toma: no it’s okey!=)


Maki: This was the theme song of the drama Hana Kimi Peach by Ai Otsuka. This song …we danced along to this song (the cast) to film the ending and it was really funny! Please everybody dance too!!~
…So how was your two times here?
Toma: ya..~ it was my first time talking alone to a female person in a radio show you u know?
Maki: ah really…
Toma: I’ve talked to guys…but never to a girl/woman…^^ that’s why I managed these 2 times with
nervousness and enjoyment..
maki: ah ist that so?
toma: yap..
maki: ah then I’m glad…
toma: it was really fun!
Maki: ye it was also my first time with a guest and I really enjoyed it! I wonder if the listeners enjoyed it too..?
Toma: next time just call all the 30 ikemens!
Toma: it would be like “gyaaa” (it would be soo loud..XD)
Maki: Shall we?^^
Toma:…I kinda want to do that..~
Maki: hehe..then we should do that…hehe..
Toma: we should think about this project ne..~
Maki: then..thank you and see u again for this project..
Toma: hehe..XD
Maki: ehh..then really thank you for attending this show two times! Next time will be Toda Erika’s girls locks!

Uff…FINALLY…~ this was quite difficult…my mom gave up in the middle so I had to do it on my own..really sorry that I couldn’t get the funny part with the make up!XD
after this talk...i love Tomaki even more!XDD
I hope someday I will understand it!^----^V

p.s. please ignore my English faults..please…XD

Comments are LOVE!=)
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