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Toma's confession to Maki!!kyaaa..~~ cute radiotalk..^^

my new favorite couple!! they ARE SO CUUUTEEEE!!!!><
I've found this awesome video on's not really a's a radio can hear Maki, who is a regular on "Girls locks", talking with Toma as a special guest!XD
aawww...they are so cute!! Maki calls him Tomakun..and he calls her Makichan!XDDD
they really get along very can hear that!^--^V
and Toma's laugh...*dies*..and his voice is so sexy!!~~ =)
and his confession! HAHAHAHA...Toma is so funny!XD stolen from Shun...tsss...~ XD


credit: dacypher21

I tried to write down everything I understood...><

GOMEN FOR MY BAD ENGLISH..really sorry..:((

- greeting by Maki..^^
- she says she is nervous becoz there will be a guest..
- Ikuta toma greeting!XD
- Maki laughs..Toma asks why..then she replied: "well you know..the people who are listening right now may ask "why isn't Shun there?why Toma?"..they are confused u know?" *laugh by Toma*!XD
- Toma: ye what a pity ne... *ironic*
- Maki: well..I'm sorry about that minna..but today we will go with Toma..
- TOma: What do you mean my "I'm sorry"huh? XD
- talking about the drama...yesterday episode 3 aired..
- about the relationship of Nakatsu and Mizuki
- Maki asks: what do you think of my acting as a boy..the boyish me?
- Toma: Makichan..(kyaa)..I dunno if you've done this before/ if it's a habit..but I often see you sitting like a boy (how do u say that? open legs? no not open..spread..dunno...XD)
- Maki: Am I not allowed to?
- Toma:'s not that it's forbidden..have u always done that?
- Maki: mhh..yes, actually I'm sitting like that since my childhood..:) they often told me to sit like a girl...
- Toma: ye when you are wearing the school uniform and walking like a boy..I'm already used to it..and in the morning when you pass by..sometimes I didn't recognize you!
Maki: ye! last time you didn't recognize me!
Toma: happens..but you know what I think? I really think that the short hair fits you!
Maki: really?
Toma: yes! I wouldn't mind if you have this hairstyle in private [not only for the drama]..
Maki reads a question from a Boy from Hyogoken..16 years old boy!
question: hello! I attend a all-boys-school! but it's not full of ikemen of in the question to Ikuta Toma : " you feel a bit uncomfortable/did you have problems surrounded by so many Ikemen?
Toma: problems?hmm..they all do have a pretty face..there are times when I think "ohoh.."..(Jaba..something like oops..XD)(then he says something..I don't get that!XD)
Maki: (she neither..) what do you mean? explain it so I can understand it!^^
Toma: so you can understand it? hmm..I mean..there are times when I get embarrassed you know...
Maki: ehhh...~
next question from Masakto, 18 years old from Hiroshima: " I'm watching hana kimi every the drama you are in love with a boy who pretends to be a girl...can you tell me what type of girls to you like? and...I don't mind if it's a boy or a girl! (XDDDD..nice one!^^)
Toma: hahaha...I like girls of course! nice girls..kindhearted..someone who can say thank you and makes me feel a bit doki you know?
Maki: you mean a girl who isn't too shy to say thank you etcetc..
Toma: yes exactly!..~
Maki: so if you have a girl you YOU confess to her?
Toma: I think that boys should confess to girls [agree!XD]
Maki: then say it!
toma: what?
maki: the confession!
toma: really give me a hard time you know?
maki: why? everyone wants to hear it now! how would tomakun confess etc..!
toma: oh...okey! " I want to become your diaphragm" [I stole this from nomanymore's idea what this is...but Shun said the same thing in a interview!XD]
maki:'s the phrase that Shunkun said right?
toma: yes!hahaha..
maki: you said serious! this was shunkun's phrase!
toma: yee..but I would say it straight: I love you!
maki: uuuhh..~ [cuuuute] you said it!

ikenai taiyou...:)

maki: this was the opening song of Hana kimi ikenai taiyou by orange range.
this is really a summer feeling song! it's perfect ne?
toma: agree! i really like this song!
maki: it's kakkoi or not?
toma: yes..ikenai taiyou nyan nyan nyan~ XD
maki: oke..i think this was a bit a "imagedown" for the song...
*laughs*'s guest was Ikuta toma as Nakatsu in Hana Kimi..!
what's your impression?
toma: it was really fun! *laughs* well.. I [!] had fun!
maki: ey, I had fun too!!^^
toma: is that so? ohh..then I'm glad...
maki: i wonder if everyone had fun too..~
we still have a lot to talk about..that's why I want Tomakun to come tomorrow again? will you come?
toma: Can I really come?
maki: ye sure!
toma: oke..if it's so..then I will come tomorrow!

here is the talk of the next day btw:

comments are LOVE!^-------^V

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