I'm not adding anyone at the moment.

♥ Due to so many friending requests, I kinda lost track of my flist. Don't take it personally, I need to do a f-cut in the next few days/weeks and then I may add people back.

♥ BUT I made some new 'rules':

1. We most have at least share one fandom (Haruma, NewS, Arashi, Jdrama).
2. Tell me where you're from, how old you are and what your favorite food is!:D
3. I decided NOT to add people with a blank LJ, sorry.
4. If you're only after the subbed clips, then please tell me and I can give you the links [in case they still work, some got deleted and I don't have then anymore]
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Selling post : Clothes (plus size) and JE goods, Accessoires♥!

How have you all been? I've been great; well, mainly because...

it got confirmed that I can finally go on an exchange year in JAPAN!:)

So this post might be my last one....unless I start blogging again in Japan; who knows.
But lately Livejournal isn't really my thing anymore and I don't even check my inbox because of all the stupid messages I get. So sorry guy!^^;;

AAAAANYWAY, since I'm going to Japan I made a selling post!(^--^) Most of it are clothes I don't wear anymore as I lost quite some weight!=] The ones I'm selling are either new or worn rarely! I'm also selling parts of my JE goods! CD's, Ryo goods, Arashi goods, DVDs and Shige's book etc...

♥ Payment method: Paypal or well concealed cash.
♥ Shipping from Switzerland, Europe.
♥ Price included handling fees, but NOT shipping! Please consider that shipping from Switzerland is not really cheap!;A;
♥ Prices can be negotiable, so...try it!;)
♥ If you buy more than 3 items, I'm gonna add a little present and Swiss chocolate!;)
♥ European size. To compare with international sizes:
(click Germany to compare)
♥ Everything is in a good condition; I take care of my things you know!;)

Just leave a comment when you're interested in something and tell me where you're from; so I can figure out the shipping cost!^^

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akai ito

Shabekuri007, Ichihara Hayato & Takaoka Sousuke, subbed.

I'm done. Like- literally. I can barely keep my eyes open right now!
It's already 7am over here - gah!;_;

But I finished it...The Shabekuri007 (2010/02/22) with Hayato and Takaoka playing gays. Oh well - at least this kept me awake!XD But it's been...17 hours?o_O The ripping, timing and encoding took long enough and since I'm a slow/bad timer it took even longer to sub it *boing*.

♥ English is not my first language (nor is Japanese), so there will be A LOT of mistakes. m(_ _)m But hopefully you will, at least, get the point.
♥ This is NOT the full episode. The other guests were ピース, a comedy duo.
♥ You can tell from the title, they talk A LOT. So I left out some random comments and such. Oh, and I only used 4 colors; for Hayato, Sousuke, Ueda and one for the rest!;)
♥ Don't upload to any streaming sites.

I'm REALY sorry for the quality. Guess I messed up the encoding- it was my first time ripping&encoding such a large file; I'll do better the next time!=] I do have a HD file of the full episode, but please...uploading it would take forever, so find another idiot who'd do it!8D

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Now I'm off to sleep!
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F-cut. Sorry!

I know I need to comment on ur entries as well- but gotta do this first before I can FINALLY catch up with my flist! *gomen*

If you can still see This entry, then you've survived the cut!;D if not, then it's either because:
♥ Your LJ is empty or hasn't been updated for more than 1 year.
♥ You wrote in a language I couldn't understand.
♥ We haven't talked much or I can't remember u at all
♥ Or you were spamming my flist with nonsense I don't care about
♥ Or...honestly I removed some KT-fans because I don't like skippin through 3 pages of my flist becoz 80% of the entries are about KT. Gomen.

If you don't agree being removed or if I accidentally removed you (I think this happened), just leave a comment here!

Total comments: 8264

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[yama_shin You knew this was coming ne??XD]

But this is the only reaction you can have if you meet your ichiban from your current favorite Johnnygroup on a 'random' street!*___*

I just came home 30 seconds ago, didn't go to the toilet nor did I drink or eat anything...I just have to write my emotions down right now; otherwise I think I'll explode!

So I went to Keikarou in Chiba with yama_shin after DisneySea and we were the LAST costumers to enter and to leave the restaurant. After leaving messages/took a lot of pictures of the whole restaurant (it was empty, lucky us!<3), we were walking along the small street to the bridge when we both suddenly saw someone on the other side, just 2m away, who walked EXACTLY like Aiba does (easy-going, with his hands in the pockets...Arashi fans may know what I mean ;D), having the same hairstyle and had those cute small eyes (and wearing a mask)! We both had eye contact with him, but he immediately looked away! Then...both of us looked at each other the same time, making the "Was that- Ai..Aiba??!!"-expression!

To confirm it, we decided to wait if that guy turns left at the restaurant. If not, then it wasn't Aiba, if YES, then there's pretty much no doubt it was him.

...And what did this guy do?
TURNED LEEEEEEEEEFT! He suddenly was gone after the restaurant sign (we couldn't see clearly becoz it was dark...but in case he continued walking, we would have seen him under the street lamp).

After that you can imagine our reaction. All over "OH MY GODDD, SO IT WAS HIM?!" "I'M NOT SURE BUT YEEEES" "KYAAAA" "FOR REAL?!?!" "NOO, ONLY 2M AWAY" !XDDD
I srsly could have cried that moment. MAAA!

Immediately checked why it MUST have been him:

- Arashi has no live shows to attend until the 25th (and Makuhari is only one station away anyway)
- It's almost time for Aiba's Birthday, so why not being at his family's home?
- It can't be a coincidence that he JUST comes back when the LAST customers (we) left
- He had a combini bag, so maybe he was waiting at a combini until he gets a call that no customers are in the restaurant anymore?
- He just looked TOO much like Aiba. Really.
- And why would a random guy just walk along THIS small street at THIS hour?!:)


We kept on talking about it, being REALLY excited during the WHOLE train ride! I kept grabbing Shin's arm and saying "OH MY GOD!"!LOL But then we started to regret that we didn't just shout 'AIBA', coz I'm sure he would have shake hands or something! And why we didn't stay just for 2 more minutes...he would have bumped right into us!o___O

I'm sorry if this post annoys you, I just had to let it go somewhere!

It's much more exciting to see a Johnny like that than on a concert, really!
I was SO smiling during my way home; people must have thought I was as drunk as all the businessmen out there at this time!LOL

Anyway, Shin...we gotta spazz about this again!♥ ♥
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Arashi concert report 2009年12月04日

Could have been even better without my boing neighbours! Read more about it below haha
Please don't mind my English, I tried my best!XD

And sorry it turned out SOOO long (took me about 5 hours!o.O)! I included the 'before the concert' part as well...which means making the uchiwa and hanging out with shelketuesti!<3

Uchiwa making ♥

First I had to make templates by myself because they didn't sell any at Tokyu Hands. We asked two obasans where TH was and they led us there...but they kinda got lost too!XD
That's how the Uchiwa corner in TH Shibuya looks like:

Very nice, ne?:D There were some Korean fangirls , guess they were going to the Arashi concert as well.

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Before the concert ♥

shelketuesti and I were supposed to meet up at 9am at the Tokyo Dome exit for buying the goods, but we both were waiting at a different exit!XD So after phoning and waiting we finally met around 9.30am! So we headed to Tokyo Dome and WTH. The line was looooooong! But somehow we managed to make it to the goods in 1.5h 'only'! We were quite lucky actually, as the line got even longer later on and I'm sure you had to wait AT LEAST 3h!o__O

UTA NO ONIISAN COSPLAY! This girl was really popular, everyone wanted to take a picture with her! Yes, that's how you get everyone's attention!<3

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THE concert ♥

My seat was pretty nice! I had a great view of the 'side stage'...and lucky lucky me could see Aiba-chan A LOT because he and Sho were the ones to be at the right side stage the most!♥ The girls behind me were all Aiba fangirls so they were screaming every time he came over!:D Oh, about my neighbours: To my right there was a woman about 25 years old and she was SO BORING! She was sitting at least during the whole first half of the concert!o____O How is that possible?! And I was hoping to have some fangirls besides me so I could 'dance' with them...To my left there was a not really fangirs! So I was kinda left alone; this kinda sucked as I felt pretty stupid so be the only one being all excited!^^" Vanessa, you should have come over!T_T Ah, I even hit the women in front of me with my penlight during Lucky Man!XDD I guess I was too exicted (as I LOVE this song)...I apologized 'Gomenasai, gomenasai' all the time; hope she wasn't too angry!^^°

...The concert started out at 18:05 with "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi"! Arashi was up in the air, hanging on a really huge ballon! It looked really cool! Shouting their greetings, they finally landed on the back stage!<3 By the way, I was really glad they showed the lyrics of each song...otherwise I would have been so lost!XD

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♥ Btw. It's true that Arashi looks even better in real life!:D Especially Nino...I was really pleased hehe!<3 Next time I wanna sit in the Arena area, they got so much fan-service!:D

Oki, next I'll write about my adventure in Harajuku where I went to the AU store with the bathtub Arashi used in their CM!<3
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Shirota Yuu blog entries. Samurai High School #1 summary+caps

Oh well, I did it after all...:)
I made about 50 caps and TRIED to sum up the scenes, or at least the main points!
I also added 3 blog entries by Shirota Yuu about SamuHigh!

Here is the first entry:

Tonight, 9pm!

It’s finally begins.

[Samurai High school]

If you exclude the Taiga-drama, it’s been almost a year since my last drama.
It’s the first time I’m playing the role of a good-for-nothing student.

Finally, the opening is today!
I’ve watched the episode before the official airing; up to now there hasn’t been such a funny drama!!

All the actors are wonderful, but above all, please pay attention to Haruma’s attraction and my incapability (= ‘good-for-nothing-ness’). *laugh*

That being said, starting tonight at 9pm, the episode is extended 15 minutes.

Everyone~!Please gather in front of the TV tonight at 9pm~(^O^)/

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Samurai High School #1 [Summary, some translations, caps] for mochtin_qt and others...:)

(I'm not so familiar with Japanese history, but I'll try to catch as much as I can...)

The story starts with a historical review of the 'siege of Osaka',the Summer Campaign, which was 400 years ago. In order to have this own stable regime, Tokugawa Ieyasu had to defeat the Toyotomi-clan, whose last successor was Toyotomi Hideyori. On his side, there was general Sanada Yukimura, who had an 'army' of only 3000 samurai, while the Tokugawa-clan had more than 150'000...

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♥ I also watched TOKYO DOGS #1! I LOVE this kind of dramas! It totally deserves those 18.5%! Shun’s serious face when he said something that was supposed to be ‘funny’ was hilarious!XD Looking forward to the next episodes!

....Ps. I love Ryo even more after his Shounen Club Premium appearance. Awwwwww.
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Help. SOS. Help. SOS

Or if you know someone, could you maybe ask that person?<3

I'm kinda desperate because there seems to be no one around *sigh*. I'm really trying to fill about 94% of the gaps, so not that much work to do , since each episode is only 30min!:)

PLEEEEEEASE! ̄\(−_−)/ ̄
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Osamu Mukai blog translations :D

A little present for dear quiraikotsu

Seems like he talks more about the weather than about food!XD
But it's cute how the cast of Atashinchi no Danshi gets along with eachother [by the way..I heard there was a kiss?! I stopped after episode 3..maybe I should continue watching it after all..:D]
Sorry for my English, but I hope you'll get the main point!:)

Obento (lunch box)

Today’s lunch was a lunch box I got from my co-stars.
In the photo’s bottom half you can see Maki’s self made lunch, while in the upper half you can see Yusuke’s Octopus Rice.
During yesterday’s shooting the three of us promised to make a lunch box, but typically (as expected) I forgot to make mine. I’m really sorry!
That’s why I’ll definitely make one the next time.
Ah yes, I didn’t know either, but seems like my next project has been announced to the public, right? Has to be, since I read about it in various newspapers!
My next project is the movie [BECK]!
The same-named manga is the original work. It’s a story about a band. In this band, I will be acting the bass guitarist.★
Furthermore, the director is Yukihiko Tsutsumi [1]. ♪ Since the last butai (stage play) in April, it’s the second time working with him, but I didn’t expect to meet him again so soon, that’s why I’m really happy!

More details will be told another day…

Anyway, today the 8th episode of Atashinchi no Danshi is going to air! Last episode ended with a kiss between Chisato and Sho…
In today’s episode you will hear more about Sho’s personal history and a new truth will come out. ★ Furthermore, I wrote about it the last time too, the biker gang member with the long jacket and the host brothers are struggling with each other .
I’m also looking forward to the O.A

[1] Some of his works: 20th Century Boys, Trick, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, H2

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PS. Sato Ryuta and Ichihara Hayato were guests on Lincoln!<3 Shizuchan was flirting with Hayato, so funny!XDD

PS2. Yuma+ B.I.Shadow...who the hell is that?o.O I'm not familiar with the JE juniors, but I'm pretty sure there would have been other groups who deserved a debut more than..this group?^^°°°°
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