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So believe a little bit in love...~
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It's the first time I'm doing something like this..It was requested by dear Caro and I couldn't turn her down, so I thought "Why not?"..:D

The story starts with Shinzo Okura asking Chisato to form a view on his invention.
The man isn’t pleased with Chisato reply, but then tells her to start the camera to tell the people about the invention. She tells him that the camera is already running..
[Drama Start]

The gardener wakes up Chisato, who gets pissed because he called her by her real name.

Some scary looking guys appear and Chisato is scared that they are Yakuzas who are looking for her to pay her Dad’s debt (100 million Yen) . When asked what she would do when she has found her father, Chisato replies that she would beat him up. And she clarifies that she doesn’t need a family because she has always been alone...

Whole episode + 48 caps..:DCollapse )
haruma cute

Once a year I get the chance to wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say, I wish you another great year.
So happy birthday to you Harumacchi,from the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply, till they’re flying off the chart!
- quote from Karl Fuchs

So we're same-aged now!:D
A birthday present can be found at haruma_subbed!<3

But the remaining 12 blog translations can be found hereCollapse )
haruma cute
wow..it's been a while since I posted some blog translations!o___O
But I FINALLY managed to translate two entries~
I can slowly read his entries without checking each kanji!XDD

I apologize for my English in advance..XD

2008年8月15日..Haruma wants to be manly?XDCollapse )

2008年8月18日..KANPAI!Collapse )

I'm currently doing the timing for an Arashi no Shukudaikun episode, so please be patient about new videos at haruma_subbed! I'll try to do release something as soon as possible!<333
8th-Dec-2008 05:11 pm - I need money...selling post!
cute totoro
ok..in my last selling post I got quite a lot of replies but NO ONE actually send me the money *boing*...
so I'll try again since I REEEEEAALLY need money [paying my bills etc.] and I don't wanna ask my parents for money...><

♥ shipping is not included, but I can easily check!:)
♥ I ship worldwide
♥ shipping from Switzerland, Europe
♥ payment ONLY concealed cash *gomen*
♥ must arrive within 12 days~
♥ CD/DVD are all out of print~

Arashi chopstick, Kattun (yes I have KT..o.O), Ryo...Collapse )

you can ask for pictures, but it's in a good condition!^--^V

for questions etc PM me or hanna.ko@gmx.ch !♥
7th-Oct-2008 11:15 pm - Janiben 08.09.10 subbed [K8 part]
I'm back with a subbed janiben episode!:))

I know I should catch up with my Haruma blog translations...>< really gomen!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Translator/Typesetting/Timing/Encoding: calpis37
Spot Translator: enshinge
Grammer/Spelling: ohmiya_sg
They helped me out a lot, so really THANK YOU!♥ ♥
Raw: dozchan

About the guest:
Chris Matsumura is a gay aerobic teacher who appeared (or still appears) on the popular Tv show "Quiz Parade Hexagon II" ♥
I'm really sorry but I had a few problems with encoding the file! It had some glitches and after trying for hours to fix it I got this version with only two short glitches~!XD
and ohmiya_sg I know that the borders should be even larger...><° but I hope it's still readable, coz I don't want to begin over again..^^°

oh, and it's only the Kanjani8 part!

Please forgive my mistakes etc~ I will do better in the future!^^°

♥ Download Link ♥


SOFTSUB I'm really sorry, but the link got deleted and I don't have the softsub anymore as it's quite a while ago while I was still using my old notebook [which is dead now]. Gomen! If someone still has the file, please share it here and I'll edit the post!

Please comment if you're taking!♥
yey! here comes the talk of the next day! [see my previous entry...^^]

I did a translation of the second talk…! But this talk was really difficult! So I needed help from my Mom! But becoz my mom is baka XD[that’s why I’m baka too btw…^^] she didn’t understand everything! She said that’s the new Japanese..teen language…so gomen…I couldn’t translate everything..but 95% of it…haha…=)
This time I tried to translate the whole talk…not to summary a part as I did in the first one..><


credit: dacypher21

Click here to read the translation of the second talk! ^^ Toma doesn't like books!XDCollapse )
my new favorite couple!! they ARE SO CUUUTEEEE!!!!><
I've found this awesome video on youtube..well..it's not really a video..it's a radio show..you can hear Maki, who is a regular on "Girls locks", talking with Toma as a special guest!XD
aawww...they are so cute!! Maki calls him Tomakun..and he calls her Makichan!XDDD
they really get along very well...you can hear that!^--^V
and Toma's laugh...*dies*..and his voice is so sexy!!~~ =)
and his confession! HAHAHAHA...Toma is so funny!XD stolen from Shun...tsss...~ XD


credit: dacypher21

I tried to write down everything I understood...><

click here to read the translation...Collapse )
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