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Shirota Yuu blog entries. Samurai High School #1 summary+caps 
20th-Oct-2009 07:27 pm
Oh well, I did it after all...:)
I made about 50 caps and TRIED to sum up the scenes, or at least the main points!
I also added 3 blog entries by Shirota Yuu about SamuHigh!

Here is the first entry:

Tonight, 9pm!

It’s finally begins.

[Samurai High school]

If you exclude the Taiga-drama, it’s been almost a year since my last drama.
It’s the first time I’m playing the role of a good-for-nothing student.

Finally, the opening is today!
I’ve watched the episode before the official airing; up to now there hasn’t been such a funny drama!!

All the actors are wonderful, but above all, please pay attention to Haruma’s attraction and my incapability (= ‘good-for-nothing-ness’). *laugh*

That being said, starting tonight at 9pm, the episode is extended 15 minutes.

Everyone~!Please gather in front of the TV tonight at 9pm~(^O^)/

Pants (trousers !;D)

Nakamura Tsuyoshi (Shirota Yuu’s role) is always wearing his pants really pulled up.
To make it even worse, his (trouser) cuff is also very short.

But this is, by no means, because the clothes were too big for the tall Shirota Yuu.

That’s how it is.

And today I’m going to introduce two very young boys.
Playing the role of Ikeyama Satoru, Sakurada Doori and the role of Wada Daisuke, Yanagishita Tomo.

Because they are both current DK, there’s no way the uniforms wouldn't suit them.

Ah, DK? (lol, and I was wondering what that means...)
It’s not Donkey Kong?

It’s means Boy’s high school (Danshi Koukousei)
I don’t know if this abbreviation is common, but if you shorten Girl’s high school with JK (Joshi Koukousei), then why not using DK as well?

By the way, where does ‘Girl’s high school’ (Joshi Koukousei) originally comes from?

[Students who attend a girl’s high school] (Joshi Koukousei ni kayou koukousei)


[A female student] (Joshi no Koukousei)

Which one? (I think it only makes sense in Japanese lol)
If you think about it, it has to be the last one.
Ah...I made my own conclusion after all.


Well then, back on topic…

Since they (Tomo and Doori) are young, they’re wearing their pants low.
That’s today's youth ~…
But that’s also how I hit on an idea!
[If I lower my pants too, maybe I’d look a bit more handsome]

So I took up the challenge.


An uncomfortable feeling.

A VERY uncomfortable feeling.

Shirota Yuu, 23 years old.
Today I’m doing my best too!



On tonight’s ‘All Nigh Nippon’ there will be 2 guests!

‘That’ unit from the Hexagon family!!


From Samurai High school...
It’s our [Miura Haruma’s] appearance~!!

That’s really first-class!

It’s awesomely first-class!! *laugh*
Please don’t miss [Shirota Yuu’s All Night Nippon] at 1am!


Samurai High School #1 [Summary, some translations, caps] for mochtin_qt and others...:)

(I'm not so familiar with Japanese history, but I'll try to catch as much as I can...)

The story starts with a historical review of the 'siege of Osaka',the Summer Campaign, which was 400 years ago. In order to have this own stable regime, Tokugawa Ieyasu had to defeat the Toyotomi-clan, whose last successor was Toyotomi Hideyori. On his side, there was general Sanada Yukimura, who had an 'army' of only 3000 samurai, while the Tokugawa-clan had more than 150'000...

The small group of samurai left from the battle at the Osaka Castle then found a place to commit suicide (In Japan it's called 'seppuku'. You have to kill yourself if your commander died; and Hideyori was killed, so...).

But then...

There was a samurai, called Mochizuki Kotaro, who didn't want to give up and continue fighting! He tells the general not to run away, but to do everything to believe in the chance of winning, and that he's ready to face a life and death fight!

So he became the 'leader' and fights against the Tokugawa clan.
(And this cap looks kinda funny too..:)

Then suddenly a girl appears in the middle of the battle, telling him that he's too young to die and that he needs to wake up! Kotaro only replies that women shouldn't be on the battlefield.

Back to reality he wakes up in his math lesson...

When the teacher asked what he dreamt about, Ai butted in and replied: "It must have been a suspious dream (aka pervy)". But he replies honestly while grabbing his history book: "About the siege of Osaka". As a punishment (the teacher calls it ironically 'reward') that he's been dreaming in maths and still thinks he's in history class, the teacher tells him to write 30 pages for a report about the 'siege of Osaka'.

Since his math grades are very bad, she tells him to look for possibilities to cover them. You can see his reaction above lol.

Then he 'talks' in his mind. He admits that he isn't a very clever student, nor has he decided what to do later on, BUT he also says that it's NOT like he hasn't been thinking about anything. He often thinks about the meaning of life, what to do for wordpeace.

Not as a joke, for real; he insists when the scene above aired.

But during the 'ceremony for remarkable students', he said "But now I realized, that I don't have the power to do all those things." So he doesn't care and makes some more grimaces.
This school has a special class for 'future Todai graduates' and 'golfer'. So the image of this school is very important. Kotaro sometimes thinks that he could be one of them too, but due to his lack of self-coinfidence, he only thinks about it, but doesn't take any action.

Those are the remarkable students. The tallest one is called Yuuki Masato, who just won a golf tournement.

This so called 'Masato' has his own fanclub, whose leader is a gyaru.^^" She collects money for supporting Masato (for travelling to tournements etc). We'll later see that it's all fake. Anyway, they ask Kotaro to give them some money...compliment him for his looks etc, until he gave them 1000Yen and not only a 100Yen coin.

Nakamura Tsuyoshi, who gets bullied by those three gyarus, got dragged away by them.

Ai yells at Kotaro, telling him to save Nakamura, since she heard that those gyarus use dangerous methods to get money. Kotaro looks for excuses like 'I usually don't hang out with him', so Ai just replies 'Just because you don't hang out with him, you can't save him?!' (Go for it girl!:D).

Ai got mad and left; Kotaro thinks that women are amazing, being able to hurt others just like that (she called him coward) and he won't be able to imitate that.

...The only thing he could do is:

In his imagination he'd save Nakamura in a very cool way. Being VEEERY manly.
While he was caught in his imagination, he bumped into an obasan who then called him 'pervert' for coming so near to her!XDD

By chance he discovers the [Daybreak (Shinonome) history library] (He got the Kanji wrong...He thought you read it 'Touun' and not 'Shinonome'), that's why the woman in the library said 'Hazuu' (Faail). Anyway, he entered the library in order to find a book about the 'Siege of Osaka' he has to write a report about. He has to write his name down to borrow a book, and when the woman, Watanuki Himiko, saw his name, she said sth like 'He's finally here!'.

Himiko gives him an old book, written in the Edo century, about the 17 years old military commander Mochizuki Kotaro during his days at the Osaka castle. This commander shares the same name and age with Kotaro.

Afer a mysterious blow, Kotaro realizes that they share the same name&age.
What he reads: "Mochizuki Kotaro was a samurai whose vassal was Sanada Yukimura. He has an elder brother called Mochizuki Ubei. During the Summer Campagin of the Siege of Osaka, Mochizuki attacked the stronghold of Ieyasu. He dies heroic in the battle and was only 17 years old."

His sudden heartbeat felt like someone else is inside of his body. Apparently a very dangerous guy.

Arrived at home, he tells his family about it. But no one seems to believe him. Since 'Mochizuki' is a common name, it can only be a coincidence; that's his mother's opinion. He should rather focuse on studying than dreaming about such weird things. His father stays quiet, but seems to be interested. The mother also told him to be careful, since it could be that his father may get fired soon. Both son and father are shocked about this statement.

His father enters his room later on, telling him at the beginning that he won't get fired. Stating that the company can't fire him etc...but in the end he says: "There'll be a decapitation." Kotaro: "decapitation?!" Father: "Ah...No,No" and talks about Kotaro's story.
He thinks it may not be a coincidence. He heard from this grandfather, that a ancestor was from Nagoya and has served the Sanada-clan. And the name 'Kotaro' was recommanded by the grandfather as well.
Kotaro then concludes that the Mochizuki Kotaro in the book could be his ancestor. The father tells him that he should be proud to have such a namesake. And Kotaro should aim his ancestor and fight against the exams and girls (-->he means to get a girl).

After trying out how the be a samurai, he gets a message from Ai: "Because of you, Nakamura will get caught by the police!". The 3 gyarus instruct Nakamura how to get a 2000$ Rolex watch (wait until the staff gets sth from the backroom, she'd call, he should pretend to go out and receive the call and run away).

...Ai interferes and wants to 'protect' Nakamura, but the girls get bitchy. Then Kotaro appears and Ai tells him to save Nakamura.

He's not begging her, it's just Ai who pushed him!;)
But since he's a coward, he couldn't convince the gyaru to let go of Nakamura (on the contrary, the gyaru 'explains' him that it doesn't matter how you get hold of money. 1000$ will still be 1000$, no matter what dirty method you used, and Kotaro accepted this explanation).

...Ai can't believe how cowardly Kotaro just reacted and unintentionally pushed him and he fell downstairs.

THEN THE CHANGE!:D (The 'transformation' in his body is pretty cool)

The usual Kotaro still notices everything around him, but the one talking and taking action is the Mochizuki Kotaro from 400 years ago.
Oh, and the first thing the 'old' Kotaro notices is: "It stinks. Such a bad air." Ai is worried that he hit his head. Kotaro: "Everything stinks. Even people's (attitude) stink".

He fights against the gyarus with a ruler (lol) and manages to save Nakamura.

After Ai told him how cool he was, she gets worried again and asks if everything is ok.
Kotaro: "You...Do you want my child?"

After being unconscious, he wakes up at home and wants to explain to his mother what happened. But she just tells him not to act like a kindergartener.

At the same time, in a random bar, you can see the hometeacher drinking quite a lot of sake. Anyway, the more 'important' part is the scene with the gyarus and Masato. The leader hands over the money she collected/stole from the students and tells him to buy a new uniform.

...The next day.

Kotaro hope s that everything was just his own imagination. But as soon as he sees Ai who confronts him about the day before (the almost-kiss). It was very sudden because they know each other since elementary school, she said. He insists that it wasn't him nor did he want to do such a thing. Obviously she gets irritated and leaves.

Kotaro meets Nakamura. Kotaro tells him that he's glad nothing happened and the gyarus couldn't steal anything from him. But Nakamura, even though he's grateful, doesn't want Kotaro to interfere anymore. He'll get even more bullied, so he rather wanted to feel put-upon that night.

Kotaro wants to talk to Nakamura, but then the 3 gyarus appear...Nakamura wants Kotaro to leave him alone, because this will make the whole progress go on faster and in the end they'll hopefully let him go.

Cute scene between Kotaro and Ai. Ai apologize for earlier and tells him how kakkoi he was that night. It reminded her of 'that' day. But Kotaro doesn't seem to remember...She's shocked that he doesn't remember and leaved, telling him that he's the worst after all.

During her childhood it was Kotaro who saved Ai from bullying. I guess that's why Ai wants Nakamura to be saved too.

Kotaro looks for Masato and asks him to tell the gyarus to stop taking money from the students. Since they are doing all this for him, he should be able to do so...is Kotaro's opinion. But Masato pretends not to know anything and claims he doesn't want to get involved in all this.

...Meanwhile Nakamura entered the Rolex shop.

Nakamura in the middle of stealing the Rolex.

Kotaro wants to help Nakamura and persuades him to bring the watch back right now. But then the security guard appears already and claims that Nakamura wanted to run away with the clock.

BUT then Nakamura tells the guard that he acted under orders from Kotaro and apologizes.

At the police station they get yelled from a (hot) aggressive police man. He says that he hates such guys like Kotaro. Then the hometeacher appeared and apologizes for Kotaro&Nakamura. Nakamura continues acting innocent and asks the teacher not to tell his mother, who is sick and hospitalised.

Of course there has to be a discussion at the teacher's room as well. The principal worries about the image of the school, if the news about the 'supposed theft' speards. Especially during the time when the golf club is doing so great, and the soccer club seems to be doing great too. As a punishment: Kotaro -->suspended from school for 2 weeks, Nakamura-->suspended for 3 days.

The teacher asks if they have any questions, after she made clear that they're not allowed to commit any crimes during their suspension.

In the end, Nakamura tells the truth.

So, the gyaru girl and Masato get confronted with the accusation of commanding Nakamura to steal the watch. Of course the gyaru girl finds an excuse and claims she only asked Nakamura to treat her a watch...ehm well. Then a teacher asks about the money they 'collect' from students, she replied that it's only for supporting the golf club (indirectly if they give money to the supporting fanclub she created). The hometeacher though, thinks it's useless to collect money if it's not officially for school activities.
Masato then 'saves' the situation by saying that the girl was only doing her best for supporting the school's pride (golf club) and the supporing fanclub is a real encouragement. Since it's such an encouragement, the principal says she can't do anything against it. Masato continues by bringing up the school's image and so on!^^° In the end no one gets punished and the principal tells Kotaro&Nakamura to look up to Masato and his social behaviour of not wanting anyone get punished because of the golf club.

Kotaro and Nakamura on their way home. Kotaro first apologize, because Nakamura had the guts to tell the truth, but in the end it was for the birds. But Nakamura then tells Kotaro that it will always be the same, the strong and smart people will always win.

After getting pissed because of his sister making fun of his lack of English, he hides in his room. His father enteres the room again. He looked up some more information regarding the 'old' Mochizuki Kotaro and his vassal Yukimura. Apparently Ieyasu feared Yukimura the most and was called a genious. And one of the strongest samurai in Yukimura's clan was Mochizuki Ubei, the elder brother of Kotaro. Again, the father tells him that he should be proud to have such an amazing namesake. Looking out of the window, the father sees two gyarus.

Kotaro sees them too.

They drag Kotaro and Nakamura into a warehouse. Because they rat on them, she wants 500'000Yen (5000$) from each of them. When Kotaro asked why she goes that far, she replies: "In order to support Masato."
Kotaro: "Why? You can support him without money."
Gyaru: "With normal methods you won't be able to get near him.
Kotaro: "Just because of...that?"
Gyaru: "Because of 'that'?! You have no idea. Masato will become a pro golfer and only with CM's he may earn more than a million! If I get near that Masato, I'll be able to meet people from the upper class. For people like us, we can't let this chance slip!
Kotaro: "So...it's still money in the end."
Gyaru: "Of course! There's nothing more powerful than money.That's what I learned after living 18 years. I'm sure, actually, all of you know that."

She continues threathing Kotaro, but Kotaro still refuses to pay the 5000$.

...Afer they beat him up and 'throw him out of the window', Kotaro transforms again!

Not a ruler this time, but a mop!XD

Nakamura wants to escape, but the 'old' Kotaro wants him to fight with him and not to stay a coword forever. If he wants to stay stupid, then he should at least turn into the stupiest person. Nakamaru shouts "shut up!" and fights back. In the end Kotaro beats up the guys with the mop.

They end up at the river. Nakamaru asks about the meaning of an old sentence Kotaro said. They laugh like crazy after Kotaro's explanation I didn't really get (noob when it comes to old Japanese lol).


....If you have any questions regarding a scene or sth, feel free to ask me!

Apparently the 'old' Kotaro Mochizuki stays the 'old' Kotaro Mochizuki. So I guess we'll see more of the Samurai side?<33 Definitely approve.

♥ I also watched TOKYO DOGS #1! I LOVE this kind of dramas! It totally deserves those 18.5%! Shun’s serious face when he said something that was supposed to be ‘funny’ was hilarious!XD Looking forward to the next episodes!

....Ps. I love Ryo even more after his Shounen Club Premium appearance. Awwwwww.
20th-Oct-2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
ah, thanks much! i like this drama ^^ i read that Miura's drama got a good rating! Good start for him ^^

ur ps: i havent watch SCP yet. i know there's a subbed version but u know... :D i dont know what Ryo-chan said but it seems cause many different reactions and opinions from fans. I have 2 friends watching it and they have 2 opposite reactions XD It makes me somehow afraid XD
20th-Oct-2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I can't wait to watch this!
20th-Oct-2009 10:26 pm (UTC)
YATTA!! ^^ I can watch now!

Thanks for the summary & translations!

DK=Donkey Kong? LOL
20th-Oct-2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
WAH!! I watched like half of Samurai High School... I need to finish it... been busy with assignments T_T... Tokyo Dogs looks interesting too!! XDD

OH OHH~!!! GUESS WHAT!!! I'M BUYING MY TICKET TODAY!!!!!! =DD My mum is actually helping out pay for my ticket ^_^.. I was hoping that she pay all of it but then I shouldn't be too greedy XDD.... but soo far I calculated, I would have approximately 150000yen T_T... I dunno if I will survive on that in Japan for a month XDD... I don't even have enough for the JRP ∑(O_O;)
21st-Oct-2009 03:33 am (UTC)
As much as I love Miura and I'm definitely going to be watching this drama... Can I ask whether Yanagishita Tomo has a lot of air time in this episode? Or if he seems like he's going to have a reasonable part in it?
21st-Oct-2009 04:08 pm (UTC)
(You like Tomo too?<333)

No, actually he didn't say a single word!o____O
You could see him smiling from time to time, but nothing more. I really hope he'll get more air time in the next episodes...>
21st-Oct-2009 08:42 am (UTC)
thanks for this :DD
i don't understand japanese _at all, and i couldn't wait for the subs, thank you so much :D
now i'm even more excited ~~ :D
22nd-Oct-2009 04:52 am (UTC)
yays calpis!ILU!ILU!*cuddles*.you're the best!(>_^)

i soooooo love your summary.definitely made me more excited to watch the show.adorkable haru is always fun to watch!

i love these caps the best --- this made me LOL-ed very hard., if he asks me that question,i'll definitely say "HELL YESHHH!", homg!the arms!i bet he did some workout for his body to be like this.

oh.tokyo dogs.i wanna watch that too.shunXhiro.♥♥♥s all the way.

and i'm so excited to see their ep on vs arashi.oh YEY!

thanksie calpis.xoxo=p
22nd-Oct-2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you ,this was very useful!
17th-Nov-2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
This show is damn funny. I totally love it. Too bad Miura looks like a ... jerk :((
21st-Nov-2010 08:55 am (UTC)
I didn't see this drama and I wasn't going to see it but after this summary I will definitely go and watch it. To tell the truth I haven't watched a drama for Shirota Yuu except hana kimi but he didn't have a funny role he had a series role so my impression about him was being series he would never laugh soo I think I am going to watch samurai high school now. Thanks soo much for this

P.S. I wanted to watch Tokyo dogs too <33
3rd-Jan-2011 12:57 am (UTC)
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